About Us

The IMM Graduate School is all about pushing the boundaries of education. We aim to be the top pick for online learning and a world-class centre of excellence for marketing, supply chain and business industries in Africa.

The IMM was established in 1948 and then branched into industry-endorsed, distance-learning qualifications from 1960. With a track record of note, the IMM Graduate School has helped launch over 19 000 students to professional success. Many of our graduates hold key positions far and wide, and have had a major impact across the industry spectrum.

We are passionate about providing first-class business education to ensure our students are fully equipped to participate effectively in business. Backed by the input of leading industry experts, our graduates are able to take on the challenges of the working world and contribute to the development of a growing and globally acknowledged economy.

We’re also striving to be the touchpoint for marketing and supply chain knowledge and information – essentially, the hub around which professionals and students can gain the latest and most industry-relevant material.

Ultimately, we want to provide content of the highest academic quality for all involved and do so with the best customer service in town.
We believe that every person has unlimited potential. It’s just a matter of unlocking it… And education is the key. Our driving goal is to be the catalyst that taps into the potential of every student who enrolls with IMM.

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